A Bit About Us

Clontarf Wines opened in September 2013. We specialise in wine, in particular well-made wines that are low in sulphites and chemicals and have been made by people that care about the environment and how their wines taste. We’ve studied wine (we both have the WSET Diploma in Wines and Spirits), and we’re very choosy about what wines get onto our shelves.

We previously owned Lilac Wines on Philipsburgh Avenue in Fairview. That was a full Off-Licence and we were there for 9 years. In Clontarf Wines we only sell wine, which allows us to have a more extensive range of wines than would be normally available. It also allows us to give space to our Fine Wine room, a place to browse for that special bottle.

Well, we don’t sell just wine. We also sell Sheridans’ and Mossfield Farm Organic cheeses, Olive Oils, Pasta sauces, Iberico Ham, Cloud Picker Coffee, Chorizos – to name just some of our range.

In short, We Sell Nice Stuff.