It’s our second birthday!

We turn two this weekend, and we’re celebrating with some tastings and some giveaways in the shop, starting today. We’ll have some nice wines open for tasting, along with some other ‘nice stuff’. We’ll also have some Spot Prizes – ten bottles of wine have been randomly chosen from around the shop, and each has a pathetic drawing of two candles on the back of the bottle. Anybody that selects one of these bottles will get it for free. Our usual rules apply – one bottle per customer and rules can change if required.

Oh, and we’re giving 10% off any six bottles (or more) purchased over the weekend. We do this on Bank Holiday weekends, but we reckon that Birthday weekends are just as important. Again, the usual rules apply – the discount replaces any other deals (the best deal of the two applies), and it excludes Sparkling wines.

As you know, it’s Culture Night tonight, so if you’re heading out to enjoy some high-brow stuff, give us a shout on the way there or back (we close at nine) and let us add a touch of something nice to the night.