Welcome to our Wine On Tap system

20170801_124011-1We are delighted to announce our new Wine On Tap service, in association with WineLab. We are the first shop in Dublin to offer this service. It has proven a big success in restaurants, but both ourselves and WineLab see no reason why our customers can’t enjoy its benefits. It?s a beautifully simple system for supplying premium wines at a significant discount from their regular price. Here?s how it works:

The System
We have kegs of quality wines in the shop, hooked up to a cooling system designed to present both red and white wines at the perfect temperature. Customers ?buy? an empty bottle from us for ?7 – it?s effectively a deposit – and we fill the bottle from the tap.

The Wines
We are starting with two wines – a Pinot Grigio from the Friuli region of Italy and a French Malbec.

Stocco Pinot Grigio 2016: From Friuli in northern Italy, this is hand-harvested, unoaked and aged on the lees for three months. 12.5% abv.

Fortant Terroir de Collines Malbec 2014: Hand-harvested at night to preserve freshness, with four months of ageing in small French barrels.

The Bottles

After you?ve enjoyed the wine – and we?re confident you will – just bring the bottle back for a refill. We will supply a new clean bottle, washed in our specialist glass washer machine. If you’d prefer to bring your own empty bottle rather than use one of ours, that’s fine. You just need to be sure it’s clean, so that it won’t affect the win in any way.

The Price

Both of our initial wines – the Pinot Grigio and the Malbec – are ?9.99 per half litre and ?18.99 per litre.