Wines for less than €12

The hardest part of our job is to find drinkable wines that we can sell for less than €12. We have no problem in finding wines to sell for less than €12. In fact, we could fill the shop with them. The problem is that most of them are undrinkable. And we’re not talking about a matter of taste here, where one person likes a wine and another doesn’t. Most of these are just bad wines.

So, when we do find wines that meet our requirements in this regard we are delighted. A lot of the time these wines come to us through deals with our suppliers. They might be moving on a wine to make way for a new vintage, or it might be a wine that just wouldn’t sell for them and they want to move it on at a discount. Occasionally, there is just a really good wine available. These are the things that give us drinkable wines at less than €12.

Of course, the reason that it’s so hard to get good wines at this price is tax. Rather than bore you with my ranting about tax here, I’ve saved that for another page. But the good news is that we do get reasonable success in our search for these wines. The photo below shows some of the wines we currently have available at €12 or less. This photo was taken during what was laughably called the summer of 2015.