Our Quality Guarantee

If you think there is something wrong with a wine you’ve bought from us we will replace it without question.

There are two main faults that occur in wine (and neither can do you any harm):

Corked‘ wines have a musty smell reminiscent of wet cardboard. This is caused by a faulty cork with a bacterial taint. Seriously tainted wines are easy to spot, but it can also be only slightly corked and more difficult to spot.

Wine can also be oxidated, usually caused by a faulty seal allowing oxygen into the bottle and causing the wine to lose aroma and flavour. Extreme examples are again easy to identify and can have a ‘chemical’ smell, not unlike nail varnish.

But if you think one of the wines you got from us is faulty, please bring it back. We want our wines to be enjoyed as the winemaker intended. Now, if you just don’t like the wine – well, that’s different!